Friday, March 12, 2010

Miraculous - Auto Captions in YouTube

We're really close.
The revolution in communication just got juicier with Automatic Captioning in some YouTube videos. It's not perfectly accurate, as the chief engineer at Google will tell you, but golly gosh it's close, if your 'camera roll' turns into 'cassorole' we'll have to let it slide for now, because it's going to get better, and the fact that it does it on the fly, right now, in english and, gulp~, about 100 other languages(!), you're talking huge. You're talking wow. You're talking to anyone who can watch your video on YouTube in their language. My Lithuanian cousins, Hello! I don't think it can translate from Lithuanian to English, but give it a little while...

Thanks in advance to Brenda for the video.

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