Week Two

Week Two

Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning
(pages 14-27)

Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts
Chapter 2: Weblogs: Pedagogy and Practice
Chapter 3: Weblogs: Get Started!

The presentation below has some great graphs and the "advantages" are really well expressed. This is embedded using Slideshare and though we do not like posting presentations without narration, this one has some great reasons to use blogs.

NOTE: Information below was taken STRAIGHT from sites listed. If you were at the Face to Face (F2F) class, this will just be reiteration ;-)


This week, your first discussion assignment is to go hunting for some good bloggers. You might start with a simple Google search for educational blogs. Once you find one you like, look for blog links, or blogrolls, and visit a few of those blogs. The goal here is to create a resource of good information about educational technology. Find three educational blogs and add the URLs and a short summary to your blog.

For the discussion this week in the forum below, we will ask is the nature of education changing to a more constructivist form of education as a result of all these emerging technologies? Or, is this just a trend? Please use the reading from the Handbook of Emerging Techologies for Learning as a guide to this response. 

Please add your answer as a post to your blog and in the discussion form below.