Week Eight

Week Eight

Chapter 9: What it All Means (Richardson)
Epilogue: The Classroom of the Read/Write Web (Richardson)

Your final portfolio for this class should be created in one of the environments we have used in class; a blog, a wiki, or a Ning site. You will need to create a new site, depending on the tool used in your portfolio. The portfolio should reflect the learning you have experienced in this class and the best work you have done. Not each and every assignment needs to be in the portfolio, though the portfolio should contain content you have created. These may be in the form of hyperlinks, embedded content and so forth. It is fine if some of the content will be copied and pasted from one place to another. Blog posts, other class assignments, or discussion board posts are all potential items that might demonstrate your learning. The portfolio should contain your thoughts about web 2.0 technologies we have seen, as well as demonstrations of your ability to use it.

Your portfolio must contain:

  • Creation of a new blog, wiki, or Ning site which will be the main ePortfolio
  • Your Educational or Teaching Philosophy (This may have changed from your first blog post, so update as necessary)
  • A blog incorporated into your portfolio
  • A wiki incorporated into your portfolio
  • Use of Ning is optional;
  • Ten links to relevant blogs, wikis, or other websites with short descriptions. 
  • Embedded media: photos video
  • Additional embedded media relevant to the content of the portfolio;
  • Creativity in ePortfolio assignment

The final reflection on the work you have done in this course and the uses it may have should be foremost in the portfolio.

As part of your ePortfolio Project, you were to post a final reflection on the work you have done in this course and the uses it may have on future courses you will be teaching. Please share the URL address to your ePortfolio Project with the rest of the class and go ahead and paste your final reflection as a blog post. This week, please take a look at classmates blogs and visit their portfolios. Share some positive comments and perhaps an idea or two!