Week Six

Week Six

Chapter 8: Podcasting, Video and Screencasting, Live Streaming: Multimedia Publishing for the Masses (Richardson)

Though there are many video sharing sites, none has made a splash bigger than YouTube. Like Google (which later purchased it), it is hard to imagine the internet without it. Here's a basic primer about YouTube.

You Tube Handout

We realize that video sites are often blocked in K-12 schools, and we would appreciate hearing more of your thoughts on this subject in your blogs (though this is not part of the official assignment :)


In part one of this week's assignment, create your own YouTube Channel.Since its part of Google, you can start by logging into your Google account, then go to YouTube and click "sign up".Make sure the basic profile info is filled out and familiarize yourself with the tools available for making basic changes to your channel's appearance.

Post the link to your YouTube channel and/or embed the video in your blog for this assignment.

Recording a welcome video is fast becoming a standard for online learning. It can immediately connect you with your students, just as seeing and hearing you in person would in a traditional setting. It also gives you a chance to go over points you feel are especially important for your student's success in an direct and engaging way.

Here is video tutorial on the YouTube Record with Webcam process.
Here are written instructions from YouTube help.

Create a video that is at least 1 minute long, but don't go longer than 10, which is the limit imposed on all YouTube videos. After your video is uploaded and "Live", you can edit the information, tags, make it private, and add annotations and captions if you like.

Embed the video into your blog or wiki.

Discussion Questions

In a blog post, post a link to at least one video that you find on YouTube that you could use to create a lesson or assignment around and describe the lesson objectives. What issues may arise that could impact the success of this lesson?

Lastly, as another blog post, answer, "Is online video changing the way your students perceive your teaching and education? What impact could it have in the future?"