Wednesday, October 6, 2010


What is a social network? Is a listserve a social network? a list of emails, a discussion board, a comment on a blog, a dialogue? The heart of the matter is the conversation, some exchange in a shared space, making connections. Sounds like a nice classroom.

We know what it look like today: Facebook. Yet we're not ready to talk about it as teaching tool. I want to keep mine private enough to speak freely , yeahbuddy, but it's easy enough to make another account to use with students only, though still many educators are wary of it. A line not crossed. Too social.

As we delve into social networks, we will look at a social network much like a wiki on steroids: Ning. Encompassing the functions of a wiki, blog, photo sharing, chat, the kit and the kaboodle. Making an avatar and personal pages is where it gets fun; the element of shared space, knowing you might be there at the same time and "dropping in" on each other is possible.