Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let’s Talk

Voice can be refreshing. That's why I really love Skype. Do you Skype? You may have heard about this voice-calling-for-free over the internet service – and does video calls, just like in 2001 A Space Odyssey. Makes keeping in touch with the grandparents that much more fun. And is a viable way to have online office hours, while keeping some of the personal touch of the real version.

A webcam is perfect for this and includes a microphone. I saw them at Walgreens for $25 - they’re easier to find than audio tapes! They’ll come in handy for Week 6, too, when you’ll make YouTube video messages.

So if you have Skype, go ahead and post your Skype name into the wiki with your other addresses and give us a call to say hi, ask a question or just chat.

There’s nothing like hearing the voice –the telephone is more popular than it ever was! And that’s basically 100-year-old technology. Without having to type-write on the web all the time, we can just speak (and/or see each other). It’s so great. It’s really been revelatory for our workspace and personally.

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