Thursday, August 20, 2009

Great Student Story from Lori

I just wanted to let you know how your efforts to educate teachers on the Web 2.0 has "domino'd" into other great applications. There is a woman in the music ensemble I lead who has a beautiful singing voice, but is visually impaired and not able to see written music. She must learn everything by ear and by rote. Now that I know how to use Audacity, I can record our weekly music and text for her at my convenience from my home and she in turn can put the recordings into her iPod, making it possible for her to be practicing our music while she's doing any number of other things: housework, riding in the car, shopping, exercising, etc., etc. Before I had to record with a cassette recorder,(poor quality), schlep tapes back and forth to her house. She was limited as to where, when and how she could listen - soooo last century! Now she can attend rehearsal fully prepared, and participate in performances at the same level of mastery as all the other musicians. This technology has truly changed her life. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Have a great semester,

Lori - Edu255 Student, SUM09

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