Monday, June 22, 2009

The Social Networks

Social Networks, whether a college sorority or a knitting club, a playground group or a monthly book club all have one thing in common: connections. Facebook was started by a college student who wanted to more easily connect with fellow students to prepare for class. Without going into a history of social networks here, I think we all have come a long way in three weeks in using two ways to create networks. We all have our own blogs and wikis that allow interaction between people in this digital world. All without email! Pretty neat. This week we are going to look at Ning. Please take a short tour of the classroom20 site.

Last week we read about RSS feeds and we really did not address them in the discussion boards or assignments. You have a Google account and Google Reader is available to you for free. Here is a link to an introduction to Reader. Below is the RSS feed from our TELS reader that we use for YC faculty. It can be placed in almost any HTML environment. It is a great professional development tool and we strongly encourage you to use it in that capacity, if not for you classes as well.

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  1. I just found the recording to the Will Richardson talk on Books. below is the URL. It is an Elluminate session so you'll have to download a small application. No problem. The first part is technical stuff, you can skip ahead a bit.