Thursday, June 4, 2009

f2f IMHO a good start

If you don't know the title's acronyms, don't feel bad, they're 2 of the only 3 I know (LOL)! It means I thought the face-to-face meeting last night was great. It felt so normal to meet as a class, and I was looking forward to seeing everyone every week this way - then it hit me: we would never, ever meet in this way again.

Online learning can leave one in a strange state of disconnection, like the old B.C. comic strip hero who waits for the reply from his message in a bottle, only to be perpetually disappointed. The solution is staying engaged. Blog, comment, post, seek and share. We'll have ever expanding channels of communication in this course, which should teach us about what works and what doesn't.

For my money, nothing is as easy, fast and clear as talking, which is what we'll use Skype to do. Please download it, get set up and send me a contact request. My handle is thatcherman.


  1. IKWYM Tman... I had my camera to take a group photo last night but forgot to snap it! Maybe we can have an informal meet-n-greet IRL again...?

  2. Blogs are looking pretty interesting. I hope everyone is going to be adding the week two content like they have the teaching philosophy!

  3. Wow, I just learned what IMHO meant last fall semester when my ceramics instructor used it to describe a hand building method. I thought it was some ceramics term until she explained, duh! It's hard to keep up, but now people I know can't understand what I'm talking about because of some of the terms I'm using since taking this class. If you could see the lightbulb coming on over my head you would be amazed, I am. Almost everyday I suddenly have a little epiphany of some piece of technology, either what it is or how I might use it. Like yesterday, I was on my facebook page and suddenly reazlized that some of my friends status updates were "tweets." Now that wasn't what I thought facebook was about but some are using it in that way. I also realized that I may benefit from an RSS feed fall semester when I take my Graduate Research class. It's been a while since I've really been excited about things I'm learning in a class, this class has been exceptional. I hope I can put some of this new knowledge to good use -- quickly before it changes again!